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Freedom 21 promotional video.

This video was provided by a member of the Freedom 21 online discussion.  The poor quality of the video is due to its being at least a second generation copy.  This video was extracted from a tape that had been previously recorded and not erased.  If you have a first generation video tape of the Freedom 21 promotional video, please contact me.

Emmy Lou

Web Sailing Videos

  • Google Video.  This link will take you to Google Video and a search for the key word sailing. 
  • High.tv.
  • Sail.tv
  • t2p.tv.  "Welcome to t2p.tv, the complete source for on air coverage of sailing. From major regattas throughout the US and Caribbean to sailing destinations, to the sailors, the boats and the sport, t2p.tv covers it all with same day coverage for major events.

    t2p.tv broadcasts on demand and features full screen, high resolution service by subscription as well as limited resolution for standard connections for free.

    t2p.tv is a T2Productions company. T2Productions is a full service video production company that has been operating since 2000 and is run by Tucker Thompson and Bruce Nairn. The companies are based in Annapolis MD." 
  • World Match Tour.  
  • YouTube.com.  This link will take you to YouTube.com and search using the key word sailing.


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