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Freedom 21 Sails


  • Haarstick Freedom Sails.  "Freedom Yachts is one of the leading builders of fine cruising yachts in the world. The company’s product line features unique cruising sail systems such as unstayed carbon-fibre masts with fully battened mainsails, self tending camber spar jibs, and gunmount spinnakers."
  • Hood SailsComment:  I have removed the pricing from the below estimate.  Prices change frequently and I didn't want to post an out of date price.  This is the most informative reply I have received from a sailmaker.

    "Thank you for requesting a quote from Hood Sailmakers to upgrade the sails on your (intended) Freedom 21. I have prepared the following quote for your review.

    I have offered you both Hood woven Dacron and Hood woven Vektron.

    Historically Hood woven sailcloth has offered consumers the best long-term value, life span divided by cost. The Vektron material is manufactured in the same vein but is more stretch resistant, much more stable on the bias and stronger overall. It is woven, so it has the handling and durability characteristics of woven materials.

    It is, I think, a commonly held belief that all "Dacron" sails are made of the same material and thus the cheapest is the best deal. This is not true.

    There are three principal grades of polyester yarn used to weave sailcloth and an almost infinite number of ways of manufacturing woven sailcloth. As an example of this, one sailcloth supplier, Bainbridge, offers 7 different grades of "Dacron" sailcloth in 7.0 oz weight and the price difference is 87%. This is a direct reflection of the quality of the yarns, the care taken in the weaving process and the amount of stabilizing resins used in the finishing process. As a general proposition an inexpensive sail BUT with great durability are at opposite ends of the spectrum. The price of a sail is in direct proportion to the cost of the sailcloth and the cheaper the sailcloth the less durable it will be.

    Certainly you will get quotes for these two sails for prices ranging up to about 50% of the prices quoted here. These prices reflect the differences in the grade of polyester fiber used in the manufacturing of the cloth, the detailing employed in the manufacture of the sails and the location of production of the sails, largely offshore these days, mainly in the far east.

    The raw materials used in Hood sails are high tenacity polyester fiber in both the fill and warp directions. This is in contrast to the low or medium tenacity fibers used in commercial sailcloth that is used by other sailmakers. In the Vektron material we incorporate high strength Vectran fiber commingled with the polyester. We can do this because Hood is the only sailmaker to own and operate its own dedicated sailcloth producing textile mill. Apart from greater strength and stretch resistance HT polyester shrinks at a greater rate than lesser grades of polyester when heated. It is this characteristic, which is rarely, if ever, spoken about in sail discussions, of the fiber used in weaving our own cloth that contributes to the greater durability of Hood Sails. This is because the very high shrink rate eliminates the requirement for resin coatings to stabilize the cloth.

    Commercial cloth is more loosely woven and stabilized with resin coatings.
    Hood woven cloth is mechanically stabilized by the tightness of the weave AND the heat shrinking. These sails would be manufactured in Middletown RI.

    Hood Sails have never been inexpensive but they have always been excellent value.

    P: 24.50 E: 10.75
    132 sq.ft. Triangle area
    180 sq.ft. Actual flying area including roach
    6.5 oz Hood woven Dacron:
    6.0 oz Hood woven Vektron:
    Hood woven Dacron (or Vektron), featuring high tenacity polyester fiber (or
    Vektron) tightly woven and heat shrunk.
    No resin stabilizers.
    Advanced Cad-Cam design
    Laser cut for greater accuracy. The heat from the laser also seals the edges of the cloth.
    Crosscut construction
    A completely separate sheath to house the battens Additional reinforcing at the forward end of the batten pocket to accept the compression of the battens.
    Two rows of 5 step seaming on 1" wide glued seams.
    Low stretch leech line
    Aluminum clam cleats for the leech line.
    Hood patented three part Beryllium Copper steel press rings.
    Webbed on slides at the luff, bolt rope or slides (webbed on) on the foot.
    Nylon slides to fit standard spar.
    Substantial reinforcing in the corners and the reef patches.
    Leech tell tales
    Sail ties
    Sail bag

    2 reefs, add
    5 Full length battens add

    I: 19.33 J: 5.25
    100% Hank on Jib
    54 sq.ft.
    5.0 oz Hood woven Dacron:
    4.0 oz Hood woven Vektron:

    In either material these sails would include the following options and detailing Hood woven Dacron (or Vektron), featuring high tenacity polyester fiber (and
    Vektron) tightly woven and heat shrunk.
    No resin stabilizers
    Laser cut for both accuracy and the heat sealing of the edges of the cloth Cross cut construction Stainless steel "O" rings attached with Spectra webbing at the head and tack Leech and foot lines with appropriate purchase.
    Cover over the cleat with a pocket to stow the excess line Sheeting trim line Sail bag Options

    Pricing is FOB Middletown, RI. in US Dollars valid for 30 days after which time the quotation may be modified. We require a 50% deposit to confirm your order. The balance including freight is due prior to shipping. The quotation is based on the cited sail areas and may be changed on a pro rated basis if the sail sizes vary. Title to the goods does not convey until the sails are paid for in full. Delivery times cannot be quoted until all details necessary for us to design & build the sails is in our hands. This commonly includes maximum perimeter dimensions, method of attachments, cover colors but generally includes any detail we need to design and build the sail.

    Depending on where your boat is located I would prefer to visit her myself to confirm the dimensions and details of fit otherwise I have a check sheet I can put into your hands.

    If you have any immediate questions please call me at the loft otherwise I'll follow up with you in a few days.

    Joe Cooper
    Sail consultant
    Hood Sailmakers
    23 Johnny Cake Hill
    Middletown RI 02842
    401 849 9400
  • Kinder Industries.  KI Sail Cover Store.  Sail covers for the main and jib.
  • Lee Sails Northeast.   
  • Porpoise Sailing Services.  New and used sails. 
  • Rolly Tasker Sails.  "More Offshore Yachts are sailing the world using Rolly Tasker Sails than any other brand.
    For the finest quality and long lasting sails, beautifully finished with traditional leather handwork.  We operate the most efficient sailmaking facility in the world.

    World renowned Australian sailmaker Rolly Tasker, with 48 years of experience, selected Thailand for his export sail loft for its central position and skilled labour force. The new export sail of on Phuket Island, Thailand is the most effective anywhere, allowing us to deliver sails of the highest quality design and construction to you at the most competitive prices.

    We build sails for all size of yachts from Sunfish to Furling Mailsails and Genoas for Mega Yachts. We are currently supplying sails to enthusiasts in 50 countries."
  • Sailrite.  "Sailrite is a second generation family business. Founded in 1969 the business was intended to serve a function no other business had ever served. Sailrite was intended to provide a source of instruction and materials for amateur sailmakers. At that time the very concept of “amateur sailmaking” was unheard of. Sailmaking was generally believed a black art. Sailrite has largely changed this view and today is well known as a provider of sail kits to serious racers, boat builders and sailors owning good old boats. These individuals build sails to broaden their self-reliance and power their boats. Sailmaking is a great deal of fun and a very satisfying hobby.

    By 1985 it became evident that Sailrite’s market was growing the fastest in areas other than sailmaking. Amateur “canvas” projects and instructions started to become the main focus. Sailrite’s founder, Jim Grant, wrote and published his book The Complete Canvasworker’s Guide which is still in print today (second edition). Sailrite started to offer kits for dodgers, biminis, mainsail covers, foredeck bags and a whole host of other enticing projects for the growing do-it-yourself crowd. The Sailrite catalog was also growing in size every year as customers offered suggestions for new kits and products to add to Sailrite’s offering.

    Just before the turn of the century Sailrite started to become a large retailer of semi-industrial sewing machines for canvas workers. Today Sailrite offers several well known Sailrite branded and patented sewing machines. These include the Ultrafeed, the Sailrite Professional, The Sailrite 111 and the Sailmaker. Please read the article titled “Your Sailrite Support Team” for more information on the Sailrite tuning process for sewing machine production. Sailrite machines are the best available and support is top notch! With the addition of sewing machines Sailrite became a one stop shop for both canvas workers and sailmakers.

    Now Sailrite is branching out even further. Niche markets continue to grow as Sailrite adds hardware and fabrics for automotive interiors and home decor. See the Glen Raven indoor/outdoor furniture fabrics and Designer fabrics by Phifer for a couple of product examples.

    Sailrite is truly a canvas worker’s hardware store. The company’s full product line of nearly 5,000 items is viewable online at www.sailrite.com. As a full stocking distributor of marine fabrics, fasteners, thread, webbing, sail hardware, industrial and semi-industrial portable sewing machines, clear vinyl, awning hardware and do-it-yourself canvas projects you should be able to find just about anything for your canvas projects."  Comment:  As of 3/06 Sailrite is selling kits for the Freedom 21.    
  • Scott Sails
  • Somerset Sails Comment:  "After considering all of the sailmakers above and several not listed, I purchased my new mainsail from Martin at Somerset Sails in Barker, NY.  The price was very competitive and the quality the best I have seen."  Max Lent 


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